When Nutan slapped Sanjeev Kumar


This occurred during the time when Sanjeev Kumar was an upcoming actor & Nutan was an established star. In her personal life Nutan was quite an introvert. She used to prefer maintaining a low profile. Even on the sets of her films, she was non- interactive with her co- stars. However Sanjeev Kumar’s image also was similar to Nutan’s introvert image. In 1970, both Sanjeev Kumar & Nutan stared in the film “When Nutan slapped Sanjeev KumarDevi”

Their similar natures, developed certain understanding between the two but media misinterpreted their friendship. Film journals were carrying reports of romance between Nutan and Sanjeev. It disturbed the marital life of Nutan..

Nutan’s husband lieutenant commander Rajnish Bahl was a tough & strict army officer. Rajnish Bahl who was absolutely against Nutan acting in films considered her penchant for acting & allowed her to spell her brilliance in films but kept her bound with some conditions & promises. This news gave rise to Nutan & Rajnish Bahl domestic fights which left her upset & tensed. One day when Nutan reached the set of her film, she found Sanjeev Kumar surrounded with media. Nutan felt that Sanjeev Kumar was feeding the media with the news to promote his career, and ruining her life. Sanjeev’s camp insisted that there was real fire under the smoke of the news of Nutan-Sanjeev romance. Seeing Sanjeev Kumar surrounded with media & giving false statements about their relationship she lost her cool & slapped Sanjeev Kumar. Everybody was shocked with this incident.

Soon after the slapping incident, there was a Bollywood party. Sanjeev was there and all the actors kissed his cheek that was slapped by Nutan.


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