Zeenat Aman-Raj Babbar Rape : How Zeenat Traind Raj For This Scene I Insaf ka Tarazu


In 80s, Raj Babbar was a hukum ka eka,a trump card for most of the directors. It was his acting talent which used to allow him to adapt to any character or role. He was a winner in both commercial & parallel cinema. Besides working with film makers like Shyam Benegal, Ketan Mehta, Muzaffar ali, he has also worked with B. R Chopra, Mahesh Bhatt, Shakti Samanta & many more who hold their expertise in various genres of films. As an actor, he used to never let himself get type casted. His approach towards choosing his roles was praise worthy. He played a hero & villain in the same year. His villain avatar was so good that it would give shivers to other big established villains in the industry. He played a rapist in B R Chopra directorial film “Insaaf Ka Tarazu” with so much perfection that after the release of the film women started getting scared of him.

In 1980, B R Chopra casted him as a villain in his film “Insaaf Ka Tarazu”. Raj Babbar was over the moon when he received an opportunity to work with one of the best film makers & directors but his happiness was short lived. Raj Babbar was taken aback when B. R Chopra narrated his role of a rapist. He was supposed to in act a rape scene with Zeenat Aman. Apparently the scene was very violent & disturbing. When Chopra sahib explained him the whole scene, Raj Babbar was shocked. The role & the scene was so horrible that, even Raj Babbar was sure that this may give the audience a wrong impression about him. Since he felt that his character was too dark, he requested Chopra sahib to tone it down a bit. Unfortunately B. R Chopra didn’t agree & Raj Babbar had to prepare himself for this scene.

He was supposed to slap & tear Zeenat Aman’s clothes. Zeenat Aman was not only his senior, she was also an established actress. Intimidated by Zeenat Aman’s stardom & seniority, Raj Babbar used to get nervous & give retakes. Chopra’s mood was spoilt when he saw Raj Babbar giving constant re takes. Meanwhile, Raj Babbar was discouraged & upset. Analyzing the situation, Zeenat Aman came for Raj Babbar’s rescue. Zeenat explained him the importance of the scene & his character. Zeenat’s words encouraged Raj Babbar to perform the scene better. Lights, camera & action, Raj Babbar slapped Zeenat & jumped on him. Looking at Raj Babbar’s performance even Zeenat was shocked. At last, the shot was approved.

The film released in 1980 & proved to be a blockbuster hit at the box office. Although Raj Babbar played a villain, he earned Filmfare’s nomination of Best Actor.


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