Preity Zinta : How Underworld Take Revenge From Her


Actress Preity Zinta is considered to be the only “man” in Bollywood. She was bestowed with this title in ‘Chori Chori Chupke Chupke” (2000) due to her underworld connection. When most of the Bollywood stars refused their obvious underworld connection in a Police interrogation, as a matter of courage Preity stood firm by her words. That year underworld was engaged in their efforts to crop their dominance over Bollywood that most of the big celebs were threatened to pay “Hafta”. In this case Bollywood producers Bharat Shah & Nazim Rizvi were found to have a nexus with underworld. They were charged under Maharashtra Control of Organized Crime Act (MCOCA) & were sentenced jail. Along with many other celebs, Preity was also receiving threat calls.

There was strict action taken against Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Rakesh Roshan, Anees Bazmee &Mahesh Manjrekar but all of them bluntly refused their connection with underworld during the proceedings of court. It was only Preity Zinta who had the courage to stand by her actions. In an official statement to session court, Preity said “Yes, I have been receiving threat calls from a man who calls himself Razaak demanding a sum of rupees 50 lakhs from me”. All thanks to her courage that, Police Commissioner M. N. Singh provided her with tremendous security that despite constant efforts from underworld nobody could cause any harm to her.

After a few days her fans were blown with the shocking news of her nude MMS. In a 5 minute long clip, the woman in the MMS was allegedly assumed to be Bollywood actress Preity Zinta. If rumours are to be believed then Preity personally saw the clip, she not only loathed it but also refused her presence in it & called it “fake”. However it was difficult to distinguish the difference between the reality & abstract. Many tabloids called it under world’s conspiracy against Preity but the chirpy actress denied the claims and laughed it off, saying that she had seen the MMS and the girl though having a resemblance, was quite heavy-set and taller than her. The video which went viral, is still there on the net. Guess, only Preity knows the real truth or lies behind the MMS


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