Breast Implant of Bollywood Celebreties I Sridevi I Shilpa Shetty I Kngna I Bipasha Basu I Sushmita Sen


In a bid to look to sexy, Bollywood actresses are ready to pay any price. The glamour business is a fickle one and those who are in this industry know that it sometimes can harbour deep-seated insecurities. How you look; your “assets” are presumed to be the ticket to success & once you achieve it one gets even more desperate for fame. That’s probably the reason why plastic surgeries are a commonplace in the industry which helps them to enhance their appearance. Right from getting their lips and nose done to going in for breast implants, actresses (and even actors) leave no stone unturned to look a million dollars on screen. And while a lot of actresses do not like to talk about their breast enhancements, some things do not go unseen. Here’s the list of tinsel town ladies who went under the knife to get a better (and bigger) breasts.

Sridevi- Sridevi is probably the 1st Bollywood actress who jumped in the trend of getting implants & plastic surgery. She was the only lady in Bollywood industry who got a nose job & then her lip job. Not’s no it, she also resorted to breast implant in order to look hot & sexy. Even at 50, if Sridevi manages to look her best, thanks to her implants & plastic surgeries.

Bipasha Basu- Let’s not forget our very own bong beauty Bipasha who was a supermodel before she turned her attention to Bollywood. Despite her normal looks & heavy body she has managed to carve her name in Bollywood, blame it on her plastic surgery. During her modeling days, she got her breasts enhanced. After stepping into Bollywood, she made the audience go crazy behind her seductive cleavage & skin show.

Sushmita Sen- In 1994 when Sushmita Sen won the title of Miss Universe, she looked naturally beautiful. However, the lady continued to carry that modeling body in her initial years of struggle. However, right before her Bollywood debut, Sushmita who was titled as the most beautiful woman in the whole entire universe felt unsatisfied with her looks. She then decided to resort to breast implants to have a well endowed body. Her Bollywood career did not really take off even then.

Shilpa Shetty- Shilpa Shetty who is known to have a perfect figure in Bollywood, got her nose fixed through nose job to get over her insecurity in regards to her looks. To look hot & sexy she underwent breast implant surgery. But even that didn’t help her career.

Ayesha Takia – In her recent media outing, Ayesha Takia received a lot of hate for her weird face & body. All those who have seen her in her first ever music video, will be able to guess the difference in her body from her debut till now. The busty bade gathered much attention for heavy bosson than her acting. Although she has bluntly refused her breast enhancements but Ayesha, you can’t fool the audience.

Kangana Ranaut- Kangana barely had breasts when she made her debut in the film “Ganster”. But her heavy breasts & curvy body made her implants & plastic surgery very evident in the film “Rascals” 2011. It was in the same year that she got her breasts enhanced & flaunted them in the film. Despite her desperate attempts the film failed at the box office. However, Kangana doesn’t leave any opportunity to show off her enhanced breasts off screen.


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