Anil Kapoor & Jackie Shroff Fight:Ego made ‘Andar Bahar’ Flop


Anil Kapoor & Jackie Shroff entered Bollywood around the same time. Anil Kapoor was Dev Anand’s first preference for his film “Swami Dada” but later Jackie Shroff was casted in the film. Jackie Shroff’s “Hero (1983)” & Anil Kapoor’s “‘Woh Saat Din’ (1983), ” were huge success & they were appreciated for their stellar performances in these films which made them stars over night. In 1984 director Raj Sippi casted both Anil & Jackie in his film “Andar Bahar (1984)”. Raj Sippy felt that audience were missing the jodi and that’s why he decided to create a fresh one with two promising actors. Anil and Jackie knew each other from their struggling days and that’s why they bonded well while shooting for ‘Andar Bahar’ (1984). Things were sailing smooth until their egos arrived. It was because of their ego clashes that “‘Andar Bahar” (1984) proved to be their career’s biggest flop & their stardom went down the gutter.

Indeed Anil Kapoor used to considered himself as senior to Jackie Shroff. That’s why when Jackie Shroff name appeared before Anil Kapoor in the credit list it enraged Anil Kapoor and he retaliated by saying that he was senior to Jackie Shroff . Jackie’s ‘Hero’ and was a huge hit which is why Raj Sippy decided to in cash on his popularity & feature his name before Anil Kapoor. Anil too had his share of hits with ‘Woh Saat Din’ (1983), but it was a dual hero film with Naseerudin Shah to share the credits, while ‘Hero’ was riding solely on Jackie’s shoulders. It was due to Anil & Jackie’s ego clashes that the film got stuck for release.

Things got worse as Raj Sippy requested producer-director Subhash Ghai to intervene into this matter. Subhash Ghai clearly supported Jackie Shroff by saying that Jackie should be given the first mention as he has a solo hit film ‘Hero’ (1983) and was more attractive proposition in terms of commercial elements. Anil also did not agree as he felt he was the underdog of the film and stood by his seniority card. The movie was ready but due to the heroes’ issues, the release dates kept changing.

Sadly, it was Anil whose bad luck was riding high as his multi-starrer film ‘Laila’ (1984) tanked badly over the box office which lowered Anil’s demand in the market. Later Raj Sippy kept Jackie’s name first followed by Moon Moon Sen’s name & Anil Kapoor was degraded to third position which trigged the fight even more. After all Anil realised that he has to agree to Subhash Ghai’s suggestion or of Raj Sippy, finally he chose to go with the director’s verdict & agreed to put his name after Jackie Shroff. After 8 months of delay, the film finally released. The film “Andar Bahar”(1984) failed miserably at box office & so did Anil & Jackie’s careers. Finally when Jackie and Anil realized their foolishness to fight over such a petty issue which did not even matter they resolved their difference & made a new start. Their jodi proved to be fruitful which got them many film offers from big banners like “Karma”, ‘Karma’ (1986), ‘Ram Lakhan’ (1989) etc.


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